Danilo di Pietro

Danilo di Pietro graduated in mechanical engineer in 2006 and subsequently he started to work in the energy field. The first work experiences are in technological systems conditioning and projects for the public sector for local entities in energy efficiency interventions, production of renewable energy and buildings’ energy audits. Starting from 2008, he gained experience in European projects related to energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources. The European projects are funded by Intelligent Energy Europe, South East Europe, ERASMUS +, LIFE and HORIZON2020. The themes of the projects are different, such as the production of electricity from micro wind and micro-hydro plant in mountain areas, the exploitation of solar panels for hot domestic water, the energy management of a cluster of enterprises, the capacity building of energy auditorProject Development Assistance to bundle the replacement of 54,000 lighting points for 32 municipalities, capacity building in energy planning and climate adaptation, in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors, within the EMPOWERING and LIFE SEC ADAPT projects. The experience of the Covenant of Mayors started from 2010, previously at the EMPOWERING project, providing technical assistance and designing the methodological strategy for 47 Sustainable Energy Actions Plans.


Résidence Palace Wednesday 19 June11.00 - 12.30