Decarbonisation at least cost: renewables beyond support

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are crucial for achieving the European energy transition towards a decarbonised power system. Large-scale deployment of RES has been driven by national support schemes since the first Renewable Energy Directive was transposed into national law in late 2003. In 2019, an increasing number of RES installations in Europe will already have exceeded their period of support or will soon be confronted with this occurrence. Other installations, thanks to the falling cost of renewable generation technologies and the potential for income through Guarantees of Origin (GOs), are forgoing the use of public support schemes from the start. These phenomena, along with the target of 32% renewable energy for 2030 in the recast Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) within the Clean Energy Package (CEP), increases the importance of Europe’s energy markets being designed in a way that efficiently integrates all sources of renewable generation, with and without support. Key market design aspects include the exposure of renewables to market price signals, as well as finding ways to unlock flexibility resources such as demand-side response, storage, power-to-gas, etc.

This event will address the state of play of RES capacities and technologies for RES installations reaching the end of their support period. It will look into different options available to RES operators for keeping their installations running without support, for instance through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). But also the role of GOs will be addressed as they will increase in importance due to the REDII and there will be a requirement to prove not only the renewable origin of electricity but also gas.

The event is targeted at policymakers linked to energy, climate and sustainability and will also be of interest to other energy market actors, including citizens energy communities and small RES installations.

Participants of this event can expect an interesting session and a lively panel discussion with a diverse set of speakers and panellists from various parts of Europe and with different backgrounds. They will share their experiences and debate how the European energy market should accommodate more renewables beyond support.


Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER)
Director of the Knowledge, Policy and Finance division
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Chief Executive Officer
SolarPower Europe
Policy Officer
DG ENERGY, Unit C. Renewables and CCS policy
RECS International
Director – Board Member
Borzen – Europex
Managing director and founder
Next Kraftwerke GmbH
Competition Adviser Renewable Energy
Finnish Energy Authority