Digitalisation of the energy sector − challenges and benefits for consumers

The modernisation of industry, including the energy one, is at the core of major Commission initiatives (e.g. the Digital Single Market, the Energy Union, the Circular economy, the European Fund for Strategic Investments, etc.), which is working together with the Member States and stakeholders to create favourable conditions for investments.

The ongoing integration of renewables into the energy mix and the decentralisation of production are trends driving the increasing digitization of the energy system overall. This is a strategic opportunity with huge potential for stakeholders across the energy market.

The interaction and cooperation between the energy and ICT sectors can increase the efficiency of energy systems and create new benefits for consumers and new opportunities for European companies. To achieve this optimisation through ICT, providing new energy products and services to consumers will be critical so that consumers are better informed about the energy markets and are able to make use of several demand response options, dynamic prices as well as better manage their energy consumption and bills.

This is not limited to the energy system. Ultimately digitization in the form of smart meters in particular, will also enable the current players to better manage their relationship with all these new prosumers distributed across the territory, while partnering with other sectors such as the telecom to offer new services for smarter homes and buildings. For example, it will interact with the transport system through electric vehicles and interact with other smart home or 'sharing-economy' services offered to consumers (e-Health, security, crowd-funding, car-sharing).

This event is aimed at energy professionals and related who want to know, first hand, the digital transformation that is taking place in the sector and its impact on consumers, as well as glimpse future business trends in this area.


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