Do European industry and consumers need decarbonised and renewable gas to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050?

The purpose of this session is to provide an in-depth discussion about the role of decarbonised and renewable gas in the energy transition with a focus on European citizens and industry.

The session will explore how can industry decarbonise and what are the best pathways to achieve this in the most cost-effective way. It will also achieve a better understanding of the options for consumers to decarbonise heating and industry to decarbonise its energy use.

The focus is on providing answers to questions about what is possible in terms of renewable and decarbonised gas, and also what consumers and industries in Europe need.


Information on this event is also available on the Eurogas website here.


Senior Consultant, Markets and Transaction Advisory
Andreas Graf
Project Manager EU Energy Policy
Agora Energiewende
Director General
Head of EU Government Affairs
Siemens Energy
Director General
Esther Busscher
Liquid Gas Europe
Anastasios Perimenis
Carbon Capture & Utilisation Officer and Interim Secretary General
CO2 Value Europe
James Watson
Secretary General