ECCO creates new energy community cooperatives

ECCO aims to ACCELERATE the growth of local Energy Community Cooperatives (ECCOs), both in EFFECTIVENESS and in NUMBERS!

Actively involving local communities in rural areas is a promising strategy to overcome the failing Renewable Energy market. ECCO shows EU citizens and policymakers that local energy community co-operatives are strengthened by rural entrepreneurs, especially farmers, and have the potential to be real game changers in the energy transition in rural areas throughout North-Western Europe (NWE). Currently, however, these emerging local initiatives often lack the ability to grow, which prevents them from becoming reliable renewable energy providers and become real ‘agents of change’ for driving the energy transition.
They face barriers that cannot be dealt with singlehandedly. They lack knowledge of finances, technology, marketing and management.

ECCO, a transnational collaboration that rallies knowledge from all over NWE, offers a way out. ECCO builds a knowledge network in support of energy community cooperatives.
On our stand we will use the ‘ECCO wheel of fortune’ to explain the dynamics of this ECCO accelerator Network and share several best practices of ECCOs.

In this way participants will get insights in the organisation and opportunities of Energy Community Cooperatives and will be triggered to join and support the ECCO community.