Els Cornelis

Els Cornelis has vast experience in supporting local authorities in Flanders on environmental issues, specifically of energy and climate issues. She works for the Province of Flemish Brabant since 2003 at the environmental department and since 2013 for the climate team. As a Coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors for the province of Flemish Brabant, Els has gained excellent skills of coordination by supporting 60 municipalities in developing a local SEAP by providing  technical and administrative support and coordinating a grouped submission and assessment approach. Since 2019, she is developing the new SECAPs for the municipalities of Flemish Brabant. Els participates also in the Flemish steering group for the EEA-project Implement.

To support local authorities with the implementation of the local SEAPs, she has been setting up and coordinated the Provincial Helpdesk Energy Management for public buildings and bringing together the public tender of 104 energy audits in public buildings in 37 municipalities. From 2014 on, she coordinated the EPC coaching trajectory within the IEE-Project BEAST - Beyond Energy Action Strategies - to help municipalities to successfully set up an Energy Performance Contracting project.

The province of Flemish Brabant is a regional government that links the 65 municipalities of the area and the Flemish and federal governments. The Province of Flemish Brabant developed her own regional climate and energy action plan and aims to become climate neutral by 2040. The province has extended experience in supporting and collaborating with her municipalities on environmental, energy and mobility issues. Flemish Brabant is also a Covenant of Mayors Coordinator.


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