EMBERS: Promoting clean tech in transport – Ubiwhere

EMBERS is a H2020 project to answer the real challenges posed by city service providers on mobility. EMBERS aims at providing them with an open and interoperable cloud platform, allowing them to become more efficient and aware, for better decision-making. It supports multimodal transport integration, traffic management, vehicle sharing, low carbon routing, among other challenges like city planning, to take full advantage of the new forms of mobility playing a crucial role in reducing emissions of the transport sector.

EMBERS was designed not only to be open (easily integrated with third-party systems and whose functionalities could be extended and used by external developers) but mostly so that city service providers could directly integrate the provided features in their daily activities to improve their operational efficiency based on the platform's services and collected data. The EMBERS platform’s principles and the ecosystem enablement are, thus, extremely aligned with the EU sustainable energy policy agenda’s goals and values making it a powerful tool for their achievement in cities of different sizes throughout Europe.