Emission Trading Scheme in support of low-carbon transition of the EU energy system and industry


A reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU by at least 40% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels) is one of the targets agreed by the European Council. The European Union is already a front-runner in innovative renewable energy technologies, with 30 % of the world’s patents. Funding first-of-the-kind innovative technologies remains a key challenge as they entail a high risk for the private sector.

The European NER 300 programme has been one of the world's largest funding programmes for the demonstration of innovative low carbon technologies on a commercial scale. Its continuity and expansion to energy intensive industry is ensured by the Innovation Fund, established by the ETS Directive (EU) 2018/410.

Ensuring European leadership in demonstration of breakthrough low-carbon technologies requires decisive action in addressing private financing gaps at the earlier stages of the innovation cycle.


The session will focus on the EU financing mechanisms for low-carbon innovation in renewable energy and industrial sectors. Furthermore, the session will include presentations from various stakeholders focussing on the issue of financing the low-carbon transition, the process of securing financial closure; on the EU public funding tools and on the challenges of and opportunities in investing in innovative low-carbon technologies through concretes cases.

The goals of the session are to raise awareness of the Commission's efforts to accelerate the deployment of innovative RES and low-carbon technologies in industry and to present relevant EU funding opportunities that support the EU 2030 targets.

Target audience

The expected target audience are project developers and investors in renewable energy and low-carbon innovation industrial projects who would like to get an overview of new funding opportunities, as well as other European energy technology stakeholders along the whole RES, energy storage, energy intensive industry and CCS innovation chain.


Policy Officer - Finance for Low Carbon Innovation
European Commission - DG CLIMA
Director CISL Policy Team / The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group / The EU Green Growth Platform
University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Policy Advisor / "Financing Growth" team in charge of Sustainable Finance
European Banking Federation
Policy Officer - Finance for Low Carbon Innovation
European Commision - DG CLIMA
Director of Public Affairs and Business Development
Atlantis Resources Limited
Head of R&D
Verbio AG