From enCOMPASS to POWER: stimulating citizen engagement for sustainable water and energy consumption and management


Sensibilizing citizens about sustainability topics such as energy and water saving as well as creating ways that shape citizens' behaviour towards more sustainable consumption of ressources has been a key aspect of the environmental efforts of the EU for many years now. Combined with the ongoing trend of digitalization of all aspects of the daily and business life, creating interactive digital approaches to stimulate citizens' engagement in the sustainability field proves to be a fruitful area for (applied) research. This stand will present our work and results in several different European projects all of which offer innovative technological solutions that work towards empowering citizens to actively participate in the process of sustainable energy and water consumption. Following projects will be presented and discussed at the stand:

  •  enCOMPASS - Collaborative Recommendations and Adaptive Control for Personalised Energy Saving that develops novel solutions for engaging citizens in energy saving in residential households, offices and public buildings while keeping comfort,
  • SIT4Energy - Smart IT for Energy Efficiency and Integrated Energy Demand Management is a Greek-German project that develops novel solutions to citizen engagement and energy management in prosumer scenarios,
  • POWER - Political and sOcial aWareness for wateR related challenges that explores ways of incentivizing and engaging users with water-related topics such as water conservation and  flood awareness-building


Visitors will be able to learn more about such approaches, discuss further areas for exploration and try our interactive mobile apps and hybrid card games connected with digital apps developed in the showcased projects. This includes, among others, quizz-like digital apps for water and energy saving connected to card games (DROP and FUNERGY).