Energising the European Green Deal: engaging stakeholders in multi-level governance

The European Green Deal will aim to shift how energy is produced and consumed in the EU. While the Climate Pact will look at bottom-up engagement of stakeholders, how this interconnects with other layers of energy governance in the EU is unclear. Without a multi-level approach to energy governance the ambitious targets set by the EU are unlikely to be achieved. This session will assess initiatives happening at the local, regional, and EU level to highlight synergies and barriers to comprehensive and cohesive energy policy in the EU. By connecting the development of community-level energy projects with the Paris Agreement compatibility of EU-wide transmission networks this session will highlight the need for greater integration of EU and national planning with bottom-up initiatives.

Attendees to this session will engage with a lively session that aims to:

 -  Promote knowledge exchange on local solutions to global problems

 -  Support local authorities by presenting best practices for developing SECAPs and engaging ongoing community movements

 -  Showcase wider developments at the regional and EU level in energy system transitions and barriers to further progress

 -  Identify gaps in EU policy to bridge the gap in current and existing governance structures to promote greater sustainable energy production and consumption

 -  Promote areas for greater communication and collaboration between stakeholders at different layers of EU governance

The EU has established itself as a leader in climate and energy policy, with the stated intention to deepen its commitments to reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement. In order to do so the proposed European Green Deal must reach from the EU level to local initiatives in order to realise the necessary change and transition towards our mid-term and long-term targets. This session will identify the gaps and opportunities in current governance structures to connect local, regional and EU level initiatives and promote solutions to the challenges the EU faces.