Energising next generation Europe

Educating young people about Energy -from Albania to Iceland, from Azerbaijan to Portugal! 

The energy talk will be given on the “Power Shifts - Reflecting Europe’s Energy” - a project of the European Youth Parliament and innogy foundation for Energy and Society. The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is a peer-to-peer educational programme that brings together young people from across Europe to debate the pressing issues of our time. Its mission is to inspire and empower young Europeans to become open-minded, tolerant and active citizens.

Recognising the problem of a lack of energy-focused education and giving young people a space to discuss energy issues, the EYP introduced the “Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe´s Energy” that encourages young people from across Europe to explore and discuss European energy policy. By taking part in the project’s activities, participants learn ways of engaging and fostering the debate on energy in their communities, from a local up to the European level. During the energy talk we would like to demonstrate the main project outputs and opinions of young people on the pressing energy issues of today that has been gathered by young people. We want to motivate further stakeholders to implement educational projects, to raise awareness amongst the experts regarding Young Energy Opinions.


Member of the Governing Body
European Youth Parliament (EYP)