Energy Communities, pathway for the citizens leading a decentralised transition to energy democracy

The aim of this session is to present new roles and pathways that energy communities are currently developing around Europe. The goal is to uncover how, in light of the new definitions in European regulations, energy communities can be used to harness these technologies in a socially innovative way that provides local communities with control, ownership, means to address social needs such as energy poverty, and promotes democratic governance.

In particular, we will discuss the translation of the cooperative model into the new renewable-based decentralized energy system, and what it means for the development of energy communities around Europe. We will also focus on the role of aggregators and the new services that emerge from flexibility to empower citizens and create new business models. Our goal is to discuss the strength and weakness of the new regulatory package with those issues in mind. This session will take the form of a panel session animated by Pr. Leonardo Meeus of the Vlerick Business School.