Energy communities supporting the energy transition

European energy system is changing rapidly. Decentralization, democratization & RES penetration offer new socio- technical opportunities. Also roles are changing in local energy systems, transforming business models & asking for involvement from citizens, private companies & municipalities. The Clean Energy Package of EU provides the opportunity to citizen initiatives to take new roles in the energy system, including those related to aggregation, storage, local supply or sharing. The question however is how can prosumers & communities prepare to take on the new roles & become active players in the market? Which roles are possible? How can communities organize themselves? What technology can support them?

During this event we will discuss a community-based Virtual Power Plant (cVPP). cVPP is an ICT-based control system that allows for aggregation of community-owned distributed energy resources (e.g. PV on roofs) & flexible assets (EV, heat pump, battery). Thanks to cVPP, prosumers in a community can collectively perform a certain role in the energy system. What makes VPP community-based is not only the involvement of a community but also the community logic under which it operates. This implies that the community needs to drive the initiative, that the community owns the assets & the ICT platform & that members collectively make decisions & choose how they organize themselves.

Our goal is to share practical experiences with cVPP & offer an approach for replication of this innovation in your own community. The event is targeting energy communities, energy consultants, project managers & citizen audience. The program includes 3 presentations & a Q&A/panel discussion.

cVPP is funded by Interreg NWE & a nominee for Citizens' Award 2020: 




Rene van Egmond
Translyse B.V


The what & why of a cVPP: The role of energy communities in energy transition  
Anna J Wieczorek
TU Eindhoven


Experiences with social-cVPP in Gent, Belgium  
Luc Meskens


Experiences with rural-cVPP in Loenen, Netherlands 
Andre Zeijseink
Loenen Energie Neutraal


Q&A with panel of replicating communities  
Community representatives   
Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland


Assistant Professor
TU Eindhoven
General coordinator
Energy cooperative EnerGent
Loenen Energie Neutral
Managing Partner
Translyse B.V.