Energy data at your fingertips?!


Jointly organised by the European Commission - DG Energy, ESMIG and EER


Efficient, secure, non-discriminatory and transparent access to data is key for the well-functioning of retail energy markets. With the deployment of smart metering, more data will be available bringing new challenges but also opportunities.

The Clean Energy Package (CEP) acknowledges that and introduces measures, foreseeing also the development of EU-wide implementing rules, to ensure that those eligible easily and timely access metering and consumption/generation data. This is while respecting applicable rules, for instance the General Data Protection Regulation when data is identified as personal. This way, data will be available as required, even close to real time, and to those entitled to access it – be it consumers, network operators, suppliers, third parties and service providers.

“Download my data”, and “share my data”, are two use-cases that capture consumers’ attention. They could be a good starting point for putting in practice the respective CEP requirements for access to data and serve towards delivering against its so-called ‘fair deal’ promise.

The purpose of this event is to touch base, and further inform the ongoing debate on what needs to be done to actually have energy data at our fingertips, and help create a competitive retail energy environment to the service of European consumers and businesses alike.

The respective interventions will accordingly focus on:

  • The legal basis of data access and services in European Legislation;
  • Data Access as enabler of new opportunities and benefits to all market actors;
  • National practices, ongoing initiatives within the EU, for access to data and its governance; implications from expectations for data-driven energy services;
  • How to operationalise regulatory and market requirements for safe, secure, and efficient access to data; (i) what to deliver first: “download/share my data”? (ii) what to consider in the foreseen implementing acts for access to data and interoperability within the EU.




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