Event type Workshop

“Energy Communities: Operational and functional needs"

Regarding energy communities ,there are still open issues  such as the legal framework of this entity, policy dimension, definition of the network charges&remuneration for energy communities, terms of participation in the market etc. The workshop covers most of the issues of energy community concept under the prism of different key players of the modern energy sector. To this direction, European funded projects such as PANTERA, PEGASUS&InteGRIDy  contribute in the agenda by sharing the results and vision on energy communities and get valuable feedback to elaborate  within their activities.At the end of the day, a more clear understanding of the potential opportunities of the Energy Communities that may contribute to the accomplishment of EU climate and nation-wide energy objectives will be achieved. Also EUREC&EERA JP smart grids will be having their steering committee meetings right before&after the workshop in Nicosia and will greatly get involved&contribute in.