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3rd Energy Emporium

3rd Energy Innovation Emporium

Prospering from the Energy Revolution: how can all benefit from the transition to a low-carbon future

On the 6th June, the Scottish Research Pools, will host the 3rd Energy Innovation Emporium. The transition to a low carbon economy presents multi-disciplinary challenges which need collaboration across all sectors to resolve. It is crucial to ensure that society, as a whole, has access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. What are these challenges, and how do we organise ourselves to tackle them? The Energy Innovation Emporium brings together the energy community to identify avenues of innovation and cooperation that will define research and investment needs, and economic opportunities.

Confirmed Speakers:
•Prof Sir Jim McDonald, Chair of ETP
•David Richardson, Innovation Lead for Energy, Innovate UK
•Jim Fleming, Head of Energy Theme, EPSRC