Event type Workshop

Accelerating the pathway to an electrified future

Electrification of energy end uses – transport, lighting, heating and cooling, industry processes and others – will be absolutely necessary to achieve the climate goals set in the Paris Agreement. Innovations in EV batteries, heat pumps, and hydrogen technologies, among others, will be critical in this energy transition. Well-designed and agile public policies will also be fundamental, steering today’s increasingly digital energy systems onto an efficient, secure, affordable, and sustainable path. This Electrification Dialogue will provide a unique opportunity for leaders of the global electricity sector, technology developers, governments and regulators to share perspectives on the challenges facing electrification and the policy enablers needed to accelerate action. All participants will be asked to take part in this conversation. Discussions will take place in English. This event is organized in partnership with Eurelectric, Enel, EDF and Hydro-Québec. Attendance by invitation only.