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Act4Eco in EU Sustainable Energy Week!


We invite citizens to take action and learn how to become more energy efficient, thanks to our e-learning tool ACT4ECOWe will encourage people to go through the actions in groups with a friend or two, as group learning has proven to lead to more behavioural change than with individual learning. 

The tool is developed by EU Horizon 2020 project ECO2, and aims at increasing energy effeciency on an international level. During Sustainable Energy Week we’re both addressing citizens who can go through the actions, but we’re also looking to improve our tool and reaching out for national nodes who want to take over the project once it is finalised. 



It is EU Sustainable Energy Week!  Take action for our planet and learn how to become energy efficient and lower your carbon footprint!  Do you want to switch to renewables? Get ideas on how to lower your energy bill? Or do you want to live completely off grid? Maybe you are interested in what it is to become a 'smart' consumer. 

Act4Eco is a e-learning tool developed by a EU Horizon 2020 project. We aim at transferring knowledge internationally on energy and energy efficiency (how to use energy more efficiently and use less energy). 

Invite your neighbours, family and friends to do the actions with you and take the change during this week to discuss what YOU can do to make a difference.  

The tool is developed by Danish Board of Technology and our GDPR regulations are very strict - this is why we kindly ask you to log in. Also note that the tool is still under development - if you have any ideas or are interested, don't hesitate to reach out! 

If you want to do a big impact, share this event with friends and family who live in their own detached house  - as they potentially can save a lot of energy and a lot of money. 

If you need any support please get in touch with us, either directly in Act4Eco. We speak:  English, French, Danish, Greek, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Lithuanian and Bulgarian.