Event type Workshop

And what's next with this climate? ( I CO2 dalej z tym kimatem?)

Climate change is a fact. All major scientific organizations in the world agree on this. The average temperature of the Earth has already increased by one degree in relation to the pre-industrial era. What is frightening, however, is the pace of change caused by human activity, which has never happened before in history, not only of mankind but also of the planet. The forecasts are not optimistic. What's next? For sure, chaos. Should we be afraid? Yes. Is there hope? Yes. We invite you to a workshop, where we will talk about how to maintain hope and what to do to make it a reality. From a different perspective: inside out. Have you ever considered the impact of your thoughts and feelings on the nature and on the world? Is it possible that our thinking, attitudes and values lie at the root of the current environmental crisis? Reflecting on and exploring causes from the spiritual point of view can give us new and effective ways to recreate a harmonious world.



Aneta Loj