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Breaking out of the bubble: why gender just energy communities speed up the energy transition (and sustainable development overall)

A 1.5°C pathway demands a sweeping transformation of our society, an enormous step-change in investment in the global energy system, a dramatic decline in reliance on fossil fuels and a collective effort to accelerate the growth of renewable energy. And it needs high social acceptance for available technologies and approaches. This means: the energy transition requires all resources we have.

Given the tremendous task ahead, there is a simple reason why the energy transition must be gender-just: it is the only way to achieve it. Perspectives and know-how of all stakeholders are required. We are now on the tail end of the warmest five-year period ever recorded and urgently require better international collaboration, innovative solutions and business models, ambitious policy design and broad participation of the civil society. But progress will be slower without addressing women’s needs and increasing women’s participation on all levels in the renewable energy sector.

In this interactive session the needs and benefits of a gender equal energy transition are showcased, best practice cases and approaches are discussed. It will be shown how gender mainstreaming will unlock the high potential for decentralised structures and the energy transition overall.



Katrin Moegele

Katharina Habersbrunner

Anke Stock

Agnes Mirembe

Roshni Udyavar Yehuda