Event type Conference

Bringing solutions together: Voluntary certification schemes and other integrated approaches in support of deep renovation of buildings

Five Eu funded projects (TripleA-reno, iBROAD, HAPPEN, ALDREN, Fit-to-NZEB) collaborating on integrated tools and methods for deep retrofitting, look at key challenges that need to be surpassed for a breakthrough in building energy improvement, propose specific solutions, and highlight some good reasons for optimism.


Olivier Greslou - ALDREN Project

Dragomir Tzanev - Fit-to-nZEB Project

Luca Laghi - Happen Project

Simona d’Oca - Triple A - Reno Project

Peter Wouters - Director certification and standardisation at BBRI - Manager of INIVE EEIG - Panel moderator

Alexander Deliyannis - iBroad Project