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BundleUP project - Economic transition and community investment in Portugal

The European Commission has launched a set of initiatives, globally entitled Green Deal, that will contribute to the EU’s energy and climate goals. This new package will be implemented at a time when Europe needs a new pact to fight climate change and reach carbon neutrality, bringing together national, regional, local authorities, civil society and industry. 

Ponto Energia (aka BundleUp) is a Horizon 2020 project that embodies and applies the fundamentals behind the aforementioned initiatives. The project brought together several Portuguese regional energy agencies to set up a platform to bundle private and public financing, to fund small scale public energy efficiency projects, with the final goal of promoting the usage of blended money, as a vehicle to implement climate friendly projects in Portugal, reducing our emissions and CO2 foot print.

In this workshop we will share experiences learnt by the project's partners, talk about the EU’s initiatives and contribute to raise public awareness of the EU's initiatives to reach our sustainable climate goals.

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Joana Balsemão, Cascais Municipality

Paula Pinho

Henrique Burnay

Nuno Brito

João Galamba

Alexandre Varela, AdEPorto

Luís Silva, ADENE