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The Change Maker by Shifting Mindset and Lifestyle - a clean planet for all

Welcome to an evening reflecting on the shifts taking place in our world today. As we work hard to meet the challenges of climate change in an increasingly polarized world, we also find pockets of hope and vision for how we can achieve a more peaceful and sustainable world community.  As the EU leaders meet at the EUSEW - Energy Policy Conference it is critical that civil society leaders gather and address the future role of each one of us and to take responsibility as part of the whole human family.

Come along and meet Golo Pilz and Sonja Ohlsson who both have a profound interest to lead people towards their inner creative power and inspire them to become change makers. Golo and Sonja travel the world, initiating dialogue on sustainability and representing the Brahma Kumaris at Environment Initiative at conferences and events. Please see their profiles below.



Golo Pilz

Sonja Ohlsson