Event type Multiformat

Circular Economy Conference - Best Practices for Closing the Loop

At the conference, representatives of leading companies from the chemical, steel and materials/recycling industries will have the opportunity for plain speaking and discussing their projects and strategies. Future-oriented concepts as well as the challenges and potentials of circular economy will be explained and clarified by examples. Thus, in January 2018, BASF launched a project to manufacture products from chemically recycled plastic waste. Umicore achieved its sustainability targets two years earlier than planned, while AcelorMittal is revolutionizing the construction industry with its new project “Steligence”. The common goal is to close loops, overcome operational challenges and maximise growth opportunities. Furthermore, the panel will include a technical contribution from the European Commission, whose Horizon 2020 framework calls upon companies throughout Europe to act on environmental issues and sets the course for the future.


Emmanuelle Maire

Dr. Jan Tytgat

Dessa Langevoort

Prof. Dr. Olivier Vassart