Event type Conference

Clean energy, clean mobility

Creating synergies from clean energy and e-mobility through innovative policies, technology and implementation.

We are at the start of spectacular changes in mobility and energy systems. The EV ENERGY project has brought together partners from Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Kaunas, Stockholm and Flevoland to exchange knowledge in this field. The EV ENERGY partners aim to transfer good practices from one region to another and develop action plans, favoring (the integration of) sustainable energy and electric mobility in urban areas.

This conference brings together outstanding examples from Europe, focusing on:

  • large scale e-mobility parking and energy exchange experiences
  • smart EV-charging in the city to ‘un-stress’ the grid
  • tools for energy planning;
  • developing viable business models

The example projects demonstrate the need for an ‘energy systems’ approach in which the energy and mobility sector can enforce each other. 

We hope for your participation in this conference.