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COVID-19: Accelerating a better energy future for all?

The COVID-19 pandemic is considered to be the most crucial global health calamity of the century. It has rapidly spread around the world, posing enormous health, economic, environmental and social challenges to the entire human population.

The energy sector as the heart of every modern economy and as its critical infrastructure has been affected on many levels. While securing supply was first priority, we want to look at future implications: Will there be more national fragmentation in the supply and distribution of energy, or more international cooperation? With significant investments being dedicated to the Corona recovery, will “green” energy stay as prominently on the agenda as in the last months or will we observe the opposite, a slowing down of the energy transition on account of different priorities and less ability to invest? In its surveys and scenario work the World Energy Council has identified three sets of critical uncertainties, including potential mutations of the virus, ongoing economic and trade impacts, and overarching societal shifts. It is the interaction of these uncertainties that suggest the potential for cascading crisis - which in turn triggers global chaos and/or new order.

We are very much looking forward to discussing these issues with our esteemed experts and discovering the future of energy with you.