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The CSIC for the EU Sustainable Energy Week

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is Spain’s largest public research organisation and ranks third among Europe’s largest research institutions. The CSIC is a major player in the development of the European Research Area. As of April 2020, the CSIC has obtained 613 projects in H2020, with a total EU financial contribution of 264 million € and is listed the 1st organisation in Spain and the 3rd participant by number of projects (Horizon Dashboard, 2020).

The CSIC is very active in energy and climate related projects. Currently more than 50 projects linked to energy efficiency are running. In the field of Energy, research is carried out with an holistic approach, from the production sector to its distribution, consume and the market point of view. Sustainable energy sources like biogas or microalgae, solar energy, renewables energies, new materials for storage, batteries… are key focus areas for CSIC researches. Furthermore, European Green Deal, the Agenda 2030 and their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achievement is an institutional priority.

“The CSIC for the EU Sustainable Energy Week” event is an on-line campaign that aims to raise awareness on sustainable energy and efficient energy use through the promotion of the European programmes projects that the CSIC coordinates or in which participation as beneficiary is crucial.

Main activities will be organise between 22th and 26th of June, they includes the publication of press releases, top researcher interviews, distribution of on-line resources targeted to citizens and project´s promotional material of their objectives, results and activities. Institutional websites and social media profiles, will be the main channels supporting this initiative.

The event is organised by the International Programmes Area in close cooperation with the delegation in Brussels (both belonging to the Vice-presidency for International Affairs), the Communication Department and the Deputy Vice-presidency of Scientific Culture.