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Data Science & Energy Efficiency

How do we combine the coming non-personal data revolution and the absolute necessity of making Europe a more sustainable place to live ?

It seems more and more evident that refined, reliable and actionable non personal information are central to understand how to unlock all the opportunities in renewable energy and energy efficiency in Europe.

As a data & deep-tech company, specialized in geolocated intelligence, nam.R has been building a digital representation of the physical world, with the aim of providing easy-to-use and actionable data to public and private organisations to massify and optimise their actions, investments and projects. 

With this in mind, nam.R is offering two 45 minutes sessions, to shade light on how data science can be leveraged bring change, with concrete examples :

  • 10am - Session 1 (in english) : Using geolocated intelligence for buildings’ energy efficiency. The tRees data platform to bring green retrofitting in education buildings. tRees is the first open platform addressing the key issue of energy efficiency in schools. Using cutting edge geospatial technologies, providing stakeholders with refined data for a more comprehensive and complete understanding of how things are and how they could be.
  • 11:15am - Session 2 (in french) : Discussion ouverte / Open Discussion – L'intelligence artificielle au service du développement durable. With Bettina Laville, Head of Comité 21 and Grégory Labrousse, CEO at nam.R.


Avec Bettina Laville, Présidente du Comité 21 et Grégory Labrousse, Président de nam.R.



Louis Petros