Event type Open air event

The Day of Sustainable Energy

An audience that takes innovations, acquires information, has an unusual way of thinking, fantasizes and does not care to create. These are the children. When preparing for the DSE, we conduct school competitions to see the problem and find ways to solve it.

The best finds will be presented on June 3, 2019 during the event devoted to the Day of Sustainable Energy, on the territory of the park in the center of the village. Exhibitions, contests, master classes, recreation areas and the creation of a park landscape await guests.

In addition to junior high school children, we expect young people and parents who have something to learn from their children and bring their expertise and professional skills. We are planning presentations of energy-saving technologies, energy saving technologies, and opportunities for household waste management.

Let's finish the event with exclusive home-made delicacies and get symbolic gifts. Create a 3D community map of multicolored plastic bottle caps.


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