Event type Workshop

Dia Mundial da Energia 2019

The event relates with the Energy Day celebrated worldwide on the 29th May. The Municipality of Loures will celebrate this day with events in 5 different schools reaching nearly 3000 students. The event framework is the slogan "Pequenos Gestos, Grandes Mudanças" that means" Small Gestures, Great Changes" that is being used by the Municipality in a set of Environment Sustainability activities throughout the year. There will be an initial speech by the Vice-President of the Municipality, explaining the importance of reducing energy consumption and how it impacts GHE emissions. A sticker with simple ideas of how to reduce the consumption of electricity at school and at home is being produced and will be made available to the students. Then, the students along with their teachers will apply the stickers next to the light switches and air conditioning controls in every room of the school. The Energy Efficiency team will visit the other 4 schools in the following days to repeat the activity.