Event type Workshop

Eco2 Workshop


Carrefour, global leader in food retail, strongly believes in the importance of innovation and sustainability.


In the last years Carrefour Italy invested a lot of energies and resources to achieve the Carrefour Group commitment of reducing the CO2 emissions by 40% before 2025 renovating technologies in its stores and promoting energy culture.  


For this reason, Carrefour Italy has organized a Workshop to share, within the Carrefour organization and suppliers, the Eco2 Platform implemented in 2018 to promote continuous and open innovation within Carrefour countries in the field of Energy Management. The achievement of this goal is possible, but it is essential to involve in the energy culture promotion all the actors (colleagues, suppliers and clients) contributing to a more sustainable development by:


  • increasing energy efficiency
  • promoting management practices for energy saving
  • stimulating the use of renewables and e-mobility
  • contributing to the actual reduction of CO2 production