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Efficient Buildings and houses: partnering for the SDGs and the European Green Deal

According to Eurostat, households represented the 27% of energy consumption in 2017, only surpassed by the industry sector. In addition, the construction sector is responsible for the 36% of the CO2 emissions in Europe. These figures show the need for a deep retrofitting of the EU building stock to reduce households’ energy consumption, together with more sustainable construction and refurbishment approaches with low environmental impact. This transition is key for the achievement of the SDGs, especially the SDGs 13 (Climate Action), 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) and 12 (Responsible consumption and productions).

Households, however, are more than its energy consumption:  a house is a shelter and it is a key factor to ensure health, well-being, human dignity and social inclusion. For this reason, the rehabilitation of households in Europe will not only contribute to environmental objectives, but also to reinforce human and social rights, and SDGs 1 (No Poverty) and 3 (Good Health and Well-Being). Partnering with tenants and houseowner is therefore mandatory to ensure a positive social impact.

In this scenario, the REZBUILD project aims at creating a collaborative refurbishment ecosystem focused on the existing residential building stock by implementing the Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) renovation methodologies to facilitate the retrofit of the European Building stock. It is aware that collaboration among all the stakeholders of the construction sector, including tenants, is key to promote the uptake of new and “green” refurbishment approaches.

The project has organised a webinar bringing together the main actors of the sector. In which, each representative will express their view on how their respective activities have been transformed in the last five year in order to aligned with the SGDs and which should be the next steps for the sector to fully contribute to the achievement of the European Green Deal targets.


Veronika Schröpfer

Alfonso Pescador

Fernando Sigchos Jiménez

Bonifacio Félix López-Rey Gómez

Susana Garayoa