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Electric taxi market in Poland

Representatives of taxi companies will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using electric cars for professional transport. Will this solution work in every city? Where do they charging the vehicles? Is there an infrastructure problem and how do passengers approach cars of the future?

In the webinar you will find out what the operating costs are compared to a conventional car. In major cities, taxis driving hundreds of kilometers a day. Do taxi drivers have to refuse courses to customers because they have insufficient battery power to complete the order?

We'll find out how corporations that have the largest fleets of electric cars cope with charging dozens of taxis at the same time.

How do customers react to electric taxis? Do they appreciate the silence and comfort provided by electric cars? Here are some of the topics our guests and specialists will be talking about during the webinar.



PIRE is a non-governmental organization associating activities in the e-mobility industry. It is intended for the development of electromobility in Polish cities. Together with local governments and companies, we create the right conditions so that current transport drivers can switch the services and comfortably move them to their electric vechicles. In addition, PIRE introduces issues related to electromobility.


Our mission:

Our mission is to build real electromobility. Our organization has everything that enables us to accomplish this goal together. Experience, knowledge, contacts with manufacturers of infrastructure and electric vehicles are just some of the elements that can have a huge impact on the operation of our offer.
The construction of real electromobility begins at the regional level, which is why local government units are extremely important partners for us.