Event type Workshop

EMPOWER Import Workshop "Innovation in the Financing of Low Carbon Technologies for Smart and Circular Cities"

For the EUSEW 2019, Portugal’s National Energy Agency (ADENE) and the Network of Energy and Environment Agencies (RNAE) are coordinating a set of Energy Days promoted by Portuguese municipalities, municipal associations and energy agencies aiming to raise awareness on energy efficiency and renewable energy in Portugal.

The Local Energy Management Agency of Almada, AGENEAL, is organising this workshop in the framework of the EMPOWER Project - “More Carbon Reduction by Dynamically Monitoring Energy Efficiency”, co-financed by the Interreg Europe Programme.
This event aims at presenting and discussing new practices for the financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that contribute to the effort of decarbonisation. In addition to this, models and different approaches to the smart city concept will be debated.

To attend the event prior registration is required.