Event type Multiformat

Energy Days in Pinsk District

"Together Brighter" Energy Festival, which includes the "Own Energy" bike ride; "Together рarce" gala concert; "Useful caps" recycling campaign; Excursion to the station of water deferrization of the settlement of Logishin; an asphalt drawing contest, an EcoFoto online and offline format contest; volunteer action to clean up the territory of the settlement Logishin; ecoquest "Living Nature".

“We are for a clean planet” Ecological holiday, which includes a campaign for collecting recycled materials “Pass the waste paper! Save the tree! ”, Gala concert; excursion to the wind power plant (IP Kirpichny V.А); flash mob "Save the planet"; volunteer action for cleaning the territory of Merchitsy village; eco-tour "Take care of your planet" etc. Excursion to the gas-powered power station of CJSC “Parokhonskoye Biogas”, to the hydroelectric power station RUESSSP “Dnepro-Bug waterway”, energy-efficient boiler house, etc. Additionaly, the events will pass in the children's camp "Svitanak".