Event type Multiformat

Energy Days in Polack

This year, most events of the Polotsk Energy Days will take place from 10th to the 14th of June all over Polotsk – in schools, colleges, kindergartens, libraries, culture centres, and shopping malls. Residents of the Polotsk district, from children to students to seniors, will have a chance to participate in a wide variety of contests, workshops, quests, lectures, exhibitions and information campaigns on the topic of energy saving, renewable energy, and climate change. Schoolchildren will visit the Polotsk Hydropower Plant on the Western Dvina river, while certain institutions will teach their staff members to save energy at the workplace. Online activities will include a public opinion survey on energy saving habits of the Polotsk residents, and a photo flashmob “Light up in Polotsk” in social networks to bring visibility to new efficient street lights installed as part of the EU-funded project “PubLiCity: Energy Efficient Modernization of Public Lighting in the City of Polotsk”.