Event type Workshop

Energy independance in multi-appartment buildings in Slovenija

ZENS organized a Workshop/Media Event on energy use in multi-apartment buildings wher third of population of Slovenians live.  The conclusions of ZENS Study on consumption of electricity for the preparation of hot water with electric heaters (boilers) were highlighted and possible solution for promotion of sustainable and efficient energy use through presentation of new solutions and technologies were presented:

- Promotion of the use of ground energy or groundwater energy for the installation of heat pumps for the central preparation of hot sanitary water;

-The use of solar energy for the production of electricity primarily for self-supply;

-Installation of filling stations for electric cars in urban multi-apartment settlements.

Andrej Jordan, who worked on the Study highlighted that Slovenia spends 25% of all electricity produced in our Nuclear Plant for preparation of individual hot water with electric heaters. 

The study can be available at personal request. info@zens.si


Andrej Jordan

Katja Damij

Robert Jelenc

Teo Bunte