Event type Online event

Energy Saving Video Competition

As part of the Days of Sustainable Energy of the Pokrovsky Territorial Community, a video contest is held under the conditions and taking into account the requirements of quarantine restrictions related to the spread of acute respiratory disease COVID-19, using means of distance communication.

The purpose of the competition is to promote the initiatives of the European Union, raise awareness of students and parents of the Pokrovsky United Territorial Community on issues of energy saving, energy saving, adaptation to climate change, support of intellectually and creatively gifted youth, stimulating their activity.

Teams of students of secondary schools of  Pokrovsky UTC and students of VPU № 75 - graduates of schools of Pokrovsky UTC, consisting of 1 to 3 people are invited to participate in the competition.

The videos, which will be created by the youth of Pokrovsky UTC and will be presented to the general public, should cover the following topics:

- the impact of human life on the environment: "Look around! Nature suggests ways to solve the problems of urbanization! " etc;

- "Ecological transport - a step into a clean future";

- use of renewable energy sources: "Sun, wind and water are our reliable helpers" etc;

- introduction of innovative technologies, economical attitude to energy resources: "My eco-house", etc;

- motivation for efficient use of natural energy resources: "Once a drop, two drops - we will save the whole lake!" etc;

- garbage treatment - recycling, utilization: “Garbage has no place next to us! Let's find a way to use it! ” etc;

- Climate change and adaptation to them: "Biodiversity must be!", "Winter - without snow, summer - without rain. We have to understand something! ” etc.

Private business is actively involved in the competition and provides awards to the winners.