Event type Online event

Evaluating best practices and co-designing strategies to tackle energy poverty across Europe: practitioners' perspectives

This online workshop is taking place as part of the second round of engagement activities of the STEP-IN project Network of Interest and will specifically focus on practitioners working with vulnerable communities across Europe.

During the workshop, Professor Stefan Bouzarovski, University of Manchester, and Chair of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory will focus on existing best practices to tackle energy poverty across Europe and will launch a discussion with participant practitioners on how scalable and replicable these practices are, according to the needs and constraints observed during the implementation of the project Living Labs, but also taking into account the different geographical contexts. The discussion will then target the involvement and role of the practititioners in tackling energy poverty across Europe, gaps identified and the way ahead.


Stefan Bouzarovski

Roderick Mc Call

Konstantinos Kanellos

Slavica Robic

Stefan Goemare

Monica Guiteras