Event type Workshop

Fatura Amiga

FATURA AMIGA is a DECO project, supported by ERSE under the PPEC 2017-2018, which aims to motivate consumers to reduce the consumption of electricity in their homes through a correct reading and interpretation of the electricity bill.

Considering the importance of local agents in the promotion of energy efficiency campaigns, DECO will conduct a series of 18 sessions of certified professional training in mainland Portugal and in the Autonomous Regions, aimed at technicians of city councils, parish councils, autonomous information centers for consumers and private social solidarity institutions.

This training workshop, on May 8th, is directed to the technicians of the energy agencies that will later carry out the same training actions with local agents. This training of trainers will be organized by DECO, within the framework of the FATURA AMIGA project, with the support of ADENE, RNAE and DECOPROTESTE.