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Future prospects of sustainable biomass in the context of the European Green Deal

If Europe is to meet its Paris Agreement commitments, phasing out of coal is crucial to transform the continent’s energy systems. Sustainable biomass has a pivotal role to play in this transition to a more circular and sustainable society and will help deliver the ambitions of the European Green Deal.

A key initiative in this context is the recently published Biodiversity Strategy, where the European Commission recognizes that sustainable biomass will be integral to achieving Europe’s carbon reduction and biodiversity goals, proposing a “transformative approach” to all forms of bioenergy, including woody biomass. The Commission is currently assessing the EU and global biomass supply and demand and related sustainability. The outcome of this assessment will inform upcoming work, including in the context of the 2030 Climate Target plan.

Against the backdrop of the EU green recovery plans, this webinar will feature a panel of experts to discuss the merits of sustainable biomass as a renewable energy source for Europe. Academics, industry experts and policy makers will exchange views on how biomass can play role in achieving the EU's renewable energy targets while preventing deforestation or degradation of habitats or loss of biodiversity.

The webinar will facilitate dialogue with the audience on EU energy policy, renewable energy sources and sustainable forestry management. The panel will also discuss what differentiates “good” biomass from “bad" biomass and what role national sustainability frameworks can play. Experts will also debate the importance of certification schemes for building trust among citizens and the wider public.

The Panel will consist of:

- MEP Sean Kelly, Member of the European Parliament
- Martin Junginger, Professor at Energy & Resources of the Copernicus Institute, Utrecht University
- Jennifer Jenkins, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Enviva Biomass
- Rebecca Heaton, Head of Climate Change, Drax
- Robert Seehawer, EEX (Moderator)


Sean Kelly MEP

Jennifer Jenkins

Martin Junginger

Rebecca Heaton

Robert Seehawer (Moderator)