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Green Economy Recovery

Considering that the European Green Deal will be pivotal to the recovery of the economy, especially after the health crisis has been resolved, it is of the utmost importance to launch the debate on how this recovery will come to fruition both at European, national and local level. In this sense, municipalities are also expected to play a highly relevant role.

 The European Union is going through yet another turning point in its history. With the economy facing a historic recession it is unanimous that the economic recovery will have to be historic as well. In this sense, there are many paths pointed out. Between the demand for a well-reinforced European budget and the debate to be divided between the countries that ask for the mutualization of European debt, defending that the support to Member States should be made through grants and those who refuse the issuance of joint debt, defending that the support must take the form of loans, the Franco-German axis also emerged with a proposal for the economic recovery. The European package announced on the 27th of May by the President of the European Commission, reinforced that the European Green Deal will be at the center of it. Therefore, it is necessary to try to foresee what the European Institutions will decide, while studying and discussing the impact that the measures adopted will have in our economy and society.

For all these reasons, it is essential to debate the climate transition as a priority for the European Union, the role that energy efficiency and renewable energies will play in the short term, the relevance of reducing emissions to the atmosphere and, all of this, while recovering the economy.





Host: Professora Antonieta Cunha e Sá, Professora da Nova SBE

Joana Balsemão, Vereadora da Câmara Municipal de Cascais

Paula Abreu Marques, Comissão Europeia

Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar, Eurodeputada