Event type Multiformat

Green Week 4

Annual Event promoting Green Buildings organized by Lebanon Green Building Council - North Lebanon Chapter and Order of Engineers & Architects in Tripoli.

GreenWeek4 started April 30 and continued on 1,2,3,4 May with multiple events and workshops 


On May 1st, We organized a full day SOLAR PV workshop attended by 46 engineers and engineering students. It was a huge success. 


On May 4th, on the final day we had more than 180 attendees who benefit from the knowledge and experience of speakers coming from :

Jordan 3

Greece 1

Germany 3


Who touched upon varied subjects.

The themes of the last day were :

1- Advancing net zero buildings in MENA region.

“The Future of construction”



2- Energy Solutions- Fraunhofer ISI&Lebanon’s case.

3- VRF systems-Best HVAC systems for Green Buildings & Retrofits

4- Green Buildings- Germany and Jordan Experience.