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Heating with liquid fuels

The energy transition requires to address all the energy carriers. Several studies show that liquid fuels will still be needed in the future. Yet, liquid fuels are often seen as belonging to the past, while R&D has helped developing low carbon liquid fuels. The event aims at raising awareness and explaining with concrete examples the role of liquid fuels in contributing to the decarbonisation process.

The European Green Deal requires a deep transformation of the EU economy. As no silver bullet exists to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, a range of solutions will be needed. Liquid fuels can be one of them due to the benefits they bring (cost efficiency, high energy density and security of supply). In particular in those sectors where liquid fuels cannot easily be replaced, such heating of off-grid homes, it is important to consider solutions that allow uptake without major infrastructure/investment needs, at a short and realistic timeframe.

The event consists of the launch of a dedicated web-page with videos and interactive content, showing the different options of those products which are drop-in replacements for oil/kerosene: biofuels, renewable fuels, and synthetic fuels. Interviews from producers, experience from users, technical explanations accessible to a wide audience, will raise awareness.