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IDCORE Virtual Symposium Part 2

The IDCORE Virtual Symposium 2020 will show case cutting-edge research in Offshore Renewable Energy, from doctoral research students in conjuction with industry. This symposium takes place on 26th May and 2nd June. The session on the 2nd of June will include the following presentations:

Towards a hydrogen economy in Scotland through Offshore Renewable Energy, Diana Jelenova, Wood Clean Energy

Tidal energy assessment of the Churchill Barriers, Orkney Islands, Scotland, Mohammad Yousef, CMS Ltd.

Structural monitoring for fatigue life predictions of offshore wind farms, Elize Petrovska, EDF

Coupled CFD modelling of a floating wind turbine support structure, Branoc Richards, HR Wallingford

Join through this link on the day: https://bit.ly/2Ww55Vk


Diana Jeleňová

Mohammad Yousef

Elize Petrovska

Branoc Richards