Event type Exhibition/guided tour

Idea Box for Energy Transitions

Citizens have many things to say, but more of their voices are needed in the public debate. The Idea Box for Energy Transitions (IBET) is an attempt to make this possible. This elaborate outreach initiative, installed in the Bergen public library, collects ideas for energy transitions from the public. People drop their ideas in a box the same yellow colour as Sustainable Development Goal 7: Clean Energy for All. Launched during the national climate festival, IBET is integrated into several public workshops around Bergen during spring 2019. Participants are invited to contribute energy transition solutions using a variety of engagement techniques. The ideas produced are analysed by researchers at the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation to curate an exhibition during 10-20 May 2019 at the Bergen public library. This accompanies an academic workshop on the accountable governance of energy transitions, and collaborates with a similarly themed art gallery exhibition in parallel.


Benjamin Sovacool

Sunila Kale

Christian Lund

Timothy Moss

Steven Wolf

Håvard Haarstad

Siddharth Sareen