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Integration of renewable energies in our landscape. Debates on climate change

The Ministry of Territory, Energy and Mobility of the Balearic Islands Government, together with the Insular Council of Mallorca , organizes a cycle of round tables that promote awareness and motivation of citizens to become an active agent of responsible consumption and sustainability. These gatherings are presented in a slightly different format; it is about bringing together four speakers and a moderator inside a bar, talking about different subjects. Attendees can enjoy a drink and some snacks and share their concerns with experts in the field.

The aim of this second debate is to spread obligations set out in the new Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition regarding the installation of renewable energies in buildings, large parking lots, etc. Participatory debate: these measures will change our urban and rural landscape and should be regulated: how will the implementation of photovoltaic panels affect the urban and rural landscape of our island?