Event type Online event


Raising the awareness of the society on the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy actions is of utmost importance and will facilitate proper visibility of “EU4 Yerevan. Solar Community” Program. EU Sustainable Energy Week has been one of the most effective and expected events in recent years organized to promote clean energy and energy efficiency.

In line to EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 Yerevan Municipality is planning a series of virtual events in order to present EU-financed energy efficiency and energy saving initiatives in Yerevan. 

One of those events is Intellecual Contest. A questionnaire including  16 questions in the scope of environment, energy efficiency and renewable energy will be developed by Google Forms and will be shared on the Facebook page of EU4Yerevan. Solar community" program. 10 participants answering correctly to all questions will be selected and will be given prizes.

In case there are more than 10 winners, a randomizer will be used to shortlist the 10 winners.