Event type Workshop

Interactive workshops of Berlin kids with experts for protection of trees and for using of solar energy as a contribution of Berlin to the EU ENERGY DAY 2019

The interactive workshops of third graders of the Grammar School Karl-Friedrich Friesen with experts do not take place in the school, but on the adventure playground in a park in Berlin-Marzahn.

This location in the nature is very predestined for this event:

- The engineer Berndt Brussig, manager of the agency "BerlinSolarCulture BSC" presents the comic (video)  "Our sick planet and the Dr. Tree as a rescuer "about the functions of trees. Afterwards, the students will paint their ideas on how they personally want to contribute to the protection of trees and of nature in general.

- The engineer Cornelius Prodan, manager of the engineering offices "Prody Solar", specializing in solar technology, explains the operation and benefits of solar energy using  a mobile solar system at playground. In addition, he is giving solar toys to the students.

- The event`s highlight is the common planting of a tree with the promise: We protect our nature together