Event type Multiformat

L’impatto dei Cambiamenti Climatici a livello locale: Strategie e Azioni di Mitigazione e Adattamento

The Conference is part of the dissemination action of what has been achieved with the LIFE SEC ADAPT (LIFE Programme) and EMPOWERING (H2020) Projects, which led to the implementation of the SECAP "Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan”, as a local adaptation action to climate change.

The event is planned in two sessions: a meeting with the students of the primary/secondary schools of Offida in the morning; and a conference for citizens, entrepreneurs and professionals in the afternoon.

The morning meeting aims to be a moment of awareness for young people and for their active involvement in local sustainable development processes. The afternoon conference is, instead, open to citizens and professionals to bring out and learn about the strategies and actions that the local authority is developing as a response to climate change, in order to:

- activate an adaptation process;

- support a resilient territorial and agricultural system;

- creating a sustainable and resilient urban system.